Mark has over 25 years experience as a Graphic Designer and Art Director with extensive experience in print design.

He loves to create and to build. He gets to use both of these passions creating his art. His favorite art projects involve new techniques and processes that he has developed over years of experimenting with different mediums and materials.

“Inspiration for my work comes from all over. Sometimes it’s a photo I have taken, a photo I have seen, a color pallet that I like, or just an idea that comes to me when I walk in nature. When I began painting abstract landscapes, the idea that kept running through my mind was “beautiful chaos” — that’s the way I see creation. I see the beauty of a very intentional creator but there is also an element that looks pretty random or chaotic on a surface level.”

Neuroscience is also one of his passions. "I have read several studies on natures ability to affect our health. There are also studies on the affects of art and music and their benefits. Art, nature and music put a person in a different brain wave pattern,  they affect a person's autonomic nervous system, their hormonal balance and their brain neurotransmitters. The abstract and impressionistic landscapes that I create bring both art and nature together to create a healing environment to the home."