Nature Heals

Humans have evolved living in natural surroundings. In the timeline of our development, it is only very recently that we have been spending the majority of our time indoors. 

E. O. Wilson, a renowned American biologist, theorist and naturalist said ”Organisms when housed in unfit habitats undergo psychological and physical breakdown.” We have seen great attention and money spent in our modern zoos to give animals a living environment that resembles as closely as possible to the environments that they are native to and yet we live in houses — houses that look nothing like the environments that lead to our own ability to thrive. 

Ming Kuo a notable scientist and psychologist at the University of Illinois, has connected numerous studies linking human health and our relationship to nature. In her studies she has seen how being in nature helps with obesity, hypertension, diabetes and boosts our immune system.  Her research shows how greenery affects on long term health outcomes. Heart rates goes down, and there is a decrease in sympathetic nervous system activity in to parasympathetic nervous activity basically shifting us from a fight in flight response to tend and befriend mode.

I always try to bring the outdoors inside with my art. I hope that it brings as much healing to you as it does to me.

abstract landscape